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About T & J Services

T & J Services Limited was incorporated in 1st December 2010 under company’s code1963/act179 in Ghana. T & J Services Limited is a telecommunication services support and consultancy services and also undertakes procurement services or the small medium scale enterprises.


T & J Services limited was founded by a group of Telecommunication experts who have thorough understand of the telecommunication markets in Ghana and who have varied understands in different deployable and cutting edge technologies that telecommunication and internet service providers need to meet the demand of customers who are eager to pay for value for services and products. This backbone of experienced engineers’ form T & J services core competencies that make the firm stand above all other competing services.


These breed of engineers has worked with the various Telecommunication Services providers in Ghana and also know the trend of the industry not only in Ghana but globally. We also have good working relationship various telecommunication and IT equipment vendors and suppliers. This gives added advantage for T & J.

With this comes the promise of T & J to provide the needed technology to meet the customers cost and business expectation within expected timeframe. We are experienced in RBS/BTS/NodeB installation, commissioning, testing and upgrading BTS/NodeB as well as decommissioning equipment and sites.

T & J takes pride in microwave systems installation and integration as most of our engineers have at least 10years of working and practical experienced on this subject matter. we handle both backhaul and access links for many companies with different equipment such as NEC PASOLINK/PASAOLINK+, NEC DMR Series (2000S – 7000S), NokiaSiemens SRA4 and SRT1F, Nera CityLink, Compactlink & Evolution. Also, we also install, configure and commission multiplexer equipment such as NEC SMS-150v, C-Node, V-Node, Lucent 500, Ericsson AXXCONNECT/SMARTCONNECT, and NokiaSiemens HiT70XX Series. Our Supply and Delivery expands from Cables (PCM, Waveguides, and fiber optics), connectors, tools, instruments, etc.